Tuesday, March 6, 2012

products i love: j. crew pixie pant

Leggings have gotten a lot of flack recently.  In the 90's, we wore them, stirrups and all, in trendy bold colors and no one seemed to have a problem with that.  But now that every girl from age 10 to 30 has rocked the trend of wearing leggings as pants, that's suddenly not okay.

I'll admit that I was once among the critics.  I scolded one of my friends who seemed to forget she even owned pants.  I even referred this website to her.  Now that I'm (six months) older and wiser, I've realized that that website was clearly created by a boy who doesn't even know the difference between tights and leggings!

This winter, I found the perfect solution to the leggings vs. pants dilemma: the J. Crew Pixie Pant.

Photo courtesy of jcrew.com

It's a perfect hybrid between the two.  A little more stiff and sturdy than your typical legging but just as comfy.  Seams down the back of the legs.  There's even a zipper and hook and eye clasp in the back so you can prove to your friends and coworkers that you are, in fact, wearing legitimate pants.  (Does it sound like I've done this once or twice?)
Photo courtesy of jcrew.com

You can easily tuck them into boots or scrunch them up a little bit and wear with flats.  Personally, I try to stick with longer tops (since the Pixie Pant is still in the legging family).  I have worn them just about every other day since December.  I own them in both black and grey and was extremely disappointed to find that the army green was on sale and sold out before I could get my hands on a pair.  The sweet saleslady consoled me by promising they'll be out with more colors in a future season (I'm hoping next fall).

$88 may sound a little steep when you compare them to leggings but not when you compare them to jeans.  I, for one, have definitely gotten my money's worth.  After recommending them to several friends and finding fellow Pixie Pant wearers who sing their praises, I can honestly say they look good on everyone!  You can't say that about your average joe legging.  The only downside is, they're dry clean only, but if you buy two pairs like me, that becomes less of a problem.

Go here (or visit your local J. Crew store) to join the Pixie Pant club!

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