Friday, March 23, 2012

keep your eyes open

I'm sure everyone was expecting to see a 3 AM post from me about how great The Hunger Games was last night (well...maybe all three of my devoted readers).  For the sake of not reinventing the wheel, visit my friend Leah's blog for the story of why my glowing review is absent.  I STILL HAVE YET TO SEE THE MOVIE.  So don't talk to me about it.  I really wish I could block out the rest of the world until I can see it, but that would be rude.  I promise my review will come as soon as I leave the theater.  Until then, I'm listening to these two songs on repeat...

Post title: "Eyes Open," by Taylor Swift 
Appropriately titled for my struggle at work today after (maybe) four hours of sleep. 

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  1. That was what I was waiting to read after I landed back in the states :(