Friday, March 30, 2012

battle of the bluegrass

If you know me, perhaps you're surprised that I have yet to write a post about the thing most near and dear to my heart during the month of March: Louisville basketball.  This team has had their fair share of hardships (injuries and just plain sucking), but I am so proud to say, not only are my cardinals the 2012 Big East champs, but THEY ARE GOING TO THE FINAL FOUR!

If you pay any attention to current events (Kentuckian Mitch McConnell, Senate minority leader, addressed the Senate on this momentous national event) or sports, I don't need to tell you how big of a deal the matchup between Louisville and Kentucky is.  For those who are confused, please reference this article.  Here are my favorite quotes from it:

"It's Armageddon, catered by KFC."
"College basketball in Kentucky is right behind the Southern Baptist Church in fervency."
"In Kentucky there is no professional basketball team--indeed no major sports league franchise of any kind.  Nor is the football tradition strong.  College basketball is king by default."
"No one questions our basketball IQ."

Get the picture???

If I could give Ricky P and the boys a good talking to, this is what I'd tell them:
Yes, Kentucky is scary good.  They are far and above the most talented team in the NCAA.  But our biggest strength is their greatest weakness: the depth of our team.  Get them (especially Anthony Unibrow Davis) in foul trouble, and we have a legitimate shot.  Emotions run high with this rivalry, making it anyone's game.  Do not count yourselves out.  They aren't focused on beating you; their sights are set on a national championship.  You, however, are entirely set on beating them.  So do it.

Thanks to my mama (a converted UK alum, by the way), I'll be proudly wearing my final four shirt all day tomorrow (during weekend class...bleh)!  I'm sufficiently armed for the Battle of the Bluegrass.

Now, as you fall asleep tonight with visions of triumphant cardinals dancing in your heads, I leave you with one final thought:

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