Saturday, May 28, 2011

too many dresses

These were my first few thoughts after arriving to the ranch last night:
1. Why did my driver (Paul, a rising sophomore at Miami of Ohio) think that when I said I just graduated that I meant from high school?
2. I don't have service.  (Yes, that's right.  Let's Skype instead.  Because we do have wifi (obviously).  Parents, wanna switch to Verizon???)
3. Why is it snowing in late May?
4. It's beautiful here.
5. I brought too many dresses.

I flew in to Missoula at 6:30, Paul picked me up in one of the ranch SUVs, we stopped at Safeway for groceries, and headed to the ranch (after only getting lost twice).  MK unfortunately had a flight situation (getting bumped off a flight, missing another one, etc.) and didn't get here until the middle of the night, so we haven't even seen each other yet.  For some reason, they directed her to the wrong cabin.  I hope we get that fixed today.  I have to go now and begin my first day of work as a housekeeper, but I'll post again later, complete with pictures of my new digs.

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