Tuesday, May 31, 2011

one day of work...and two days off

Sunday was my first day of work as a housekeeper.  It was tiring but actually kinda fun.  In the morning, we did AM service, which is just checking on the rooms (making beds, cleaning bathrooms, restocking fridges and towels, etc.)  After staff lunch (which is really good, by the way), I helped out in the laundry and ironed tablecloths and napkins all afternoon.  Maybe I'll even start ironing my clothes after all of this practice!

All of the other employees are really nice and fun.  Saturday night we made a bonfire and roasted marshmallows (MK's favorite).  On Sunday night, MK and I played Texas hold 'em with the guys.  MK started off strong, and I actually wasn't that bad (but of course I need to work on my poker face).  Puzzles are big with this crowd.  We've finished two so far and are working on a really hard 2,000 piece landscape of Las Vegas right now.  Thrilling stuff, I know.

Yesterday, I had my first of two days off in a row.  MK also had the day off.  We decided to head into Anaconda (yes, that is actually the name of a town with a legit grocery store instead of a little market) and shop and see a movie.  Our friend Chris came with us.  Chris drove because we were driving Miranda's car, which is a hybrid, and I couldn't even start it.  The movie theater in Anaconda was only showing Rio at 8:00 PM, and we were trying to make this a day trip.  We decided to drive 30 minutes farther to Butte, which had a bigger movie theater.  We ended up seeing The Hangover 2.  It was really funny but much more unrealistic than the first one, and of course, ridiculous.  We still thought it was a good use of our day off though.

I had another day off today, but this time MK had to work.  I was planning on going to the rodeo that we have every Tuesday afternoon, but I got sucked into filling out a ton of paperwork, so no rodeo for me.  I might take a hike later on if the weather holds off.  More adventures to come, I'm sure!

P.S. In the above-mentioned paperwork, I signed something about not publishing pictures of the ranch...thus why I took down the pictures I already had up here.  So sorry, but I'm not trying to get fired.

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