Saturday, May 28, 2011

luxury canvas cabins...minus the luxury

Last night was pretty cold.  Our stove's fan is broken, so hopefully when that gets fixed, the heat will circulate better around the room.  For now, we'll just cuddle up with extra blankets.

MK got moved in to the correct cabin, so she'll be sleeping above me for the summer.  We really like the girl who's living with us...she's hysterical.  She also lives in Missoula and told MK and me that we could use her car anytime, which is really nice.

Funny story for the day (this actually happened last night, but I forgot to write about it): a really nice staffer asked me how long I'd been married.  When I responded acting confused, she asked how long I'd been engaged.  I realized she was confused by my ring, which doesn't look anything like an engagement or wedding ring, but I thought that was funny.

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