Thursday, April 5, 2012

stuck in my head

One of my absolute favorite things is a cappella music.  I'm sure everyone already knows that.  Remember when I professed my love for my college a cappella group, the FUtones?  Well, I'm still obsessed with them.  They even got a shout-out on a blog entirely devoted to a cappella!

The Sing Off is definitely in the running as my favorite TV show.  I mean, it combines two of my greatest loves: a cappella and addicting television.  And the genius that is Ben Folds doesn't hurt either.  

Last season's winner and clear frontrunner all season, Pentatonix, is incredible.  Three of the five members are only 19 years old!  When they sang this, I was entirely hooked.

But right now, the song that just won't leave me alone is "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Goyte.  So addicting!  And the Pentatonix version might even be better.  Mitch's voice is so pure and clear--what I wish I sounded like!

I plan on making "stuck in my head" posts a more regular sort of thing, since I'm always stumbling upon great new a cappella covers.  If anyone else is an a cappella fan, let me know if you have suggestions!

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