Thursday, July 7, 2011

take you for a ride on my big green tractor

This place exists in Philipsburg, MT y'all.  If you can't read the sign, you can do your laundry, take a shower, wash your car, and eat pizza here on Friday nights.
Last Friday night, MK and I finally experienced Friday Night Pizza.  Every Friday this multi-functional establishment bakes the best pizza in town, and we had yet to experience it since we had been working the late shift.  Recently, we've been working the early shift instead and now have plenty more time to do fun things with friends.  The even funnier aspect of Friday Night Pizza is that you have to call ahead and order your pizza so they don't run out of dough.
We chose Greek.  And it was incredible.
Then, we headed out to two of the three bars in Philipsburg, The White Front and The Silver Mill.
This is what downtown Pburg looks like.  A true thriving metropolis.
MK, me, and Katie amidst intense games of pool.  Katie goes to Duke.
MK, me, Ali, Dylan, and Laura (and Kris creepin' in the background).
Friday nights are always eventful in Pburg.  All the ranch staff usually goes out and takes over the bars.  We definitely stand out from the locals, but I think they secretly love it!

The weekend passed.  We worked and worked.  Then on Monday, we had the 4th of July off.  We celebrated by beginning our day with a morning six mile hike on what we call "The Loop."  You hike straight up to a place called Top of the World, which truly does feel like you're somewhere pretty important.

How could you possibly not believe in a Creator with views like this?

Laura, MK, Ali, me (missing our photographer, Gabby)

I jumped straight down.  Mk got some air.
After Top of the World, the hike takes you past where the stud horse of the ranch, Chance, hangs out with all the mares and the babies.  Apparently we're not supposed to disturb these horses, but they didn't seem to mind us.

There's nothin' like a ranch rodeo, especially a patriotic one!  We moved the rodeo from Tuesday to Monday to accomodate for the all-day red, white, and blue celebrations. 

Me with Caitlin, one of the kids' activities guides

Nancy (the ranch's unofficial photographer) had the best view in the the tractor!

Kris riding that bull again

Gabby, MK, and Ali 

Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Ali was so happy to get on a horse for the first time in a while

We opted for shorts and "western-style" shirts to beat the heat.  Didn't save me from my wrangler tan though. 

I was singing "America the Beautiful," and Emily couldn't let that moment go to waste.

The roomies of tent 7

How could we have let this photo opp go to waste?

I'm pulling for this picture to get on the ranch website (MJ, me, Kris, Chris, MK, Emily, Ali, and Camille).
The ranch hired a bluegrass band to play at the saloon for the evening, and they set off awesome fireworks from on top of the lodge.  I was having too much fun to remember to take pictures!  After the fireworks ended, all the guests went to their rooms, and some of the staff stayed and hung out and listened to the band.  It was a pretty great way to spend the day celebrating our independence.  I am so proud and blessed to be an American!

Side note: I'm leaning just how assimilated I am into the western lifestyle.  When I was talking to Leah, Taylor, and Tyler on the phone yesterday, I had to explain what the word "wrangler" meant, and we had to pause our conversation for a dirt bike to pass by my tent.  Look at me...a city girl unfazed by country things like that!

Post title: "Big Green Tractor," by Jason Aldean

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  1. I told you you'd fit right in with that western shirt!