Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i'm a fighter

Big ranch news!  This post is in strict violation of the "no gossip" policy that EVERYONE definitely follows here at the Ranch at Love Creek (oops...I mean Rock).

Last night, MK and I worked the night shift (our favorite!...not), and we were taking our break, sitting in the staff lounge area with a couple of our guy friends.  All of a sudden, the Activities Coordinator comes over the radio and says there is an emergency and asks if anyone is available to break up a fight.  So of course the boys go running.  Meanwhile, MK is very concerned because someone stole half of each of our sack dinners from the fridge.

This is the scene of the crime, the Rod 'n Gun, AKA the Activities Center.  Photo courtesy of Michael Chilcoat.
So this is what went down: a large, intimidating German man was upset to see that one of his family's bikes went missing (bikes that the ranch provides for the guests, mind you).  He went down to the front desk and was yelling about the bike, so our Activities Coordinator (a sweet little blonde girl) drove him to the Rod 'n Gun to get a new one.  No big deal; the ranch owns hundreds of bikes.  After offering the German several bikes and only receiving yelling in return, another guest rides by on the German's bike.  The natural reaction is to approach the man and head butt him, correct?  Well that's what our German friend did.

Needless to say, the cops showed up, wrote a report, and the innocent victim will likely press charges.  He's a sweet southern dad here on vacation with his three boys, by the way.  The Germans were asked to leave.  Hey, it got MK and I out of two extra turn downs, so we weren't complaining.

Post title: "Fighter," by Gwyneth Paltrow

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