Sunday, July 31, 2011

i need more time

I can't believe I leave the ranch in less than two weeks!  It has been such an amazing experience...exactly what I needed after four years of hard work at Furman and before two years of (probably) even harder work at Vanderbilt.  After getting the hang of things in Housekeeping, even the work isn't that bad.  We've started to have a lot of fun with our supervisors, too.  One day last week, they drove over to the tents where I was working for no other reason but to ask me why there were cop cars at Staff Housing (because apparently I would know), and we proceeded to chat about ranch happenings for a half hour.  We work hard, but we play hard, too.

Maybe it's because MK and I planned to come out here together and I was caught up in leaving all of my Furman friends, but I never considered that I would make such great friends here.  I was worried we wouldn't be outdoorsy enough compared to all the other staff, but most people are really similar to us.  I hope we'll keep in touch.  And there might be a certain cowboy I'm a little sad about leaving...

Can you blame me when I have views like this?
And this?
And this (haha)?  Photos courtesy of Michael Chilcoat.

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