Wednesday, June 29, 2011

they call the thing rodeo

This is a video of my friend Kris riding a bull.  I'll explain later (I couldn't figure out how to move it to the end of the post).

Still no purse.  But I think I'm getting it back today!  Thankfully, MK took her camera on our most recent adventures, so I have pictures to share.

On Monday, we had a fun girls' day in Missoula with our friends Aimee, Dylan, and Ali.
New friends.  Aren't they cute?
We walked around downtown Missoula and window shopped and then ate lunch at a great little cafe called Hob Nob.  We went to The Good Food Store, which is essentially Missoula's local version of Whole Foods.  Dylan is vegan, so she was basically in heaven.  Then, we went on an amazing hike up the Blue Mountain and had a fantastic view of Missoula!  We took about ten different trails to get there because it wasn't well marked, and we even had to hike through a disc golf course, but we made it to the top.

We rewarded ourselves from the hike with dollar sushi night at Sushi Hana in Missoula.  It wasn't the best sushi I've ever had but good for Montana, I suppose.  Background info: Montana is not a diverse state at all.  As in, I don't think I've seen anyone but white people the entire time I've been here.  Therefore, there is a distinct lack of ethnic food and culture.

Yesterday, we were back at the ranch.  Every Tuesday, the wranglers host an informal rodeo for the guests.  Pictures tell the story better.

They let all the barn horses out and ran them through the arena.

Wranglers Buck and Kevin steer roping

Kris riding the bull

Shae barrel racing

PJ riding a bucking bronc

MK and Aimee 

Gabby and Dan

Katie, me, MK, Aimee, and Mallory
The rodeo is a lot of fun because some of the wranglers compete in real rodeos on the side!  MK and I think they could use some coordinated music and emcees.  We offered our services, but no one seemed too amused.

Post title: "Rodeo," by Garth Brooks

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