Wednesday, December 14, 2011

find the artist in you

My mom and I are planning on going to a step-by-step painting class in the next few days, which reminded me that I never posted about my previous experience at Paint Along in Nashville.  I went with Caroline and her friend from school Meredith.  I tried to take pictures after each step, so you can see how easy it is!
This is what the painting was supposed to look like.
First, we painted the background yellow and then added the white sun.

My finished product!  Not quite the original, but I was proud of myself!
Don't be afraid of these classes if you don't consider yourself an artist...the teacher guides you through every step of the painting.  In Nashville, we brought our own bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers.  Apparently, in Kentucky, you can't do that, so when Mom and I go, we'll have to buy wine there if we want it!  I would definitely recommend a BYOB painting class as a fun activity for any girls' night.  There were even a couple guys at our class in Nashville, so it might make a good date night!

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