Thursday, September 22, 2011

look at me now

Clearly my dinner of the week idea hasn't taken off.  Or really blogging in general, for that matter.  But it's a good thing; I'm so busy loving my new life in Nashville that I haven't found the time to blog...and that's okay with me.  But I really do like my new hobby, so I figure I'll still check in once in a while, but I'm not making any big promises.

Random bits of information about my life for the past month:

1. I'm making a lot of great friends in my program (Yay!  I know everyone was worried.)  Facts about the Higher Education Administration at Peabody College c/o 2013 Cohort: there are 24 of us, only six of us are straight from undergrad; only six of us have assistantships with the Dean of Students' office.  All facts I find very interesting.  You, on the other hand, probably don't care.  Kate (on the left in both of the following pictures) falls into both of those minority categories with me.  She's my closest new friend in Nashville.

Kate, Kerrie, Greer, and me after the Taylor Swift concert.  Please excuse the random man in front...and the beer bottle.

Kate, me, and Kerrie before the concert

2. Speaking of Taylor Swift, I attended her concert last weekend, and it was surprisingly good.  Observations about my girl Tay Tay: she thinks she is a Disney princess, she acts like she has no idea she's famous and is in constant confusion about why people are applauding her, she has clearly worked on her vocals and is actually quite impressive, and she is a better role model for the thousands of little girls who were at the show clad in tutus and glow sticks than Katy Perry and the overall, I approve.  I really went to see Needtobreathe, who have been on tour with Taylor this whole year, and they didn't disappoint.  It was my sixth time seeing them in concert, and I must say, it was weird seeing them at the Bridgestone playing in front of 18,000 people as opposed to at Sigma Nu Beach Weekend my freshman year.  To solidify my groupie status, Kate and I bought their new CD, The Reckoning, and     got wristbands to attend a meet and greet.  Bear, the lead singer, pretended to remember me from Beach Weekend, which I thought was adorable, and Bo, the gorgeous guitarist "engaged me in conversation" for quite some time, according to Kate, so I was thrilled.  I also got the CD four days before it was actually released, so that was pretty cool, too.
If you don't own this CD yet, you should.  I guarantee you Needtobreathe will be one of the biggest bands in America within the next couple of years.  I'm trying really hard to convince the Music Group here to book them for Rites of Spring, Vanderbilt's music festival, in April.

There she is, pulling the ultimate princess move--a flying Romeo/Juliet balcony!
3. Taylor (different actual friend) came to visit Leah and me a couple weekends ago before she jet-setted off to Nottingham for graduate school.  It was so fun to see her but bittersweet knowing she'll be gone for a year.
At the UK vs. WKU game at the Titans stadium.  I gave in and wore blue but didn't cheer a single time, don't worry.  I know where my allegiances lie.

We drove to Lynchburg to take a tour of the Jack Daniel's distillery.  So fun except ironically in a dry county...
4. My mom came to visit last week!  Sadly, I have no pictures to document it, but it was a great couple of days filled with good food, shopping, and fun with the Mannings.  I'm so glad I am a lot closer to home than when I was at Furman so we can do quick trips like that more often.

5. My life has been consumed by planning Vanderbilt's Homecoming.  It's fun but slightly overwhelming.  
Luckily, I have two awesome student co-chairs, Daniel and Josh, or "knuckleheads," as Dwayne calls them.
Check out our Homecoming events at  My Morning Jacket is headlining our big concert (opening artist to come).  Since my parents are much cooler than me, they have seen MMJ in concert and assure me it is a great show.  I'm really excited that Karmin, the YouTube sensation who were recently featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show will be performing at our Friday night Block Party.  Watch this video if you haven't already...she's so good!  

Come visit me in Nashville and attend our fun Homecoming events!

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