Friday, August 19, 2011

moving on

There have been so many changes in my life recently!  Leaving the ranch was hard, to say the least.  After a tearful goodbye with Kris at the airport, two different TSA agents offered me Kleenex and the coffee shop attendant asked if I was okay.  Needless to say, it was a rough day, followed by a quick trip home to Louisville to pack up my stuff, and then moving to Nashville on Monday.

My parents rented a moving truck to transport my furniture to my new apartment, since we no longer own an SUV.  This is what (practically) all my worldly belongings look like.

After lugging the contents of the truck up two flights of stairs and doing the same the next day for Caroline, the apartment is really coming together.  I love that we are right by the lap pool and fitness center, and being on the third floor is worth it for the vaulted ceilings.  I have pictures, but they were all taken with my phone, so excuse the quality/lighting.

New area code: 615

My room

My bathroom

Shower curtain that I hastily bought in order to be presentable at dinner.  I really like it though!

Caroline's room

Caroline's bathroom
So far, all (um, I mean all two) of our visitors have commented on how "grown up" and "real world" our apartment looks, whatever that means.  But it is nice to have escaped the lovely North Village linoleum, to have furniture of our own, and to be able to use actual nails for hanging pictures as opposed to Command strips.

I've attended orientation for both my graduate assistantship and Peabody.  All of the people in my program seem really nice and very accomplished.  I'm in the minority as a 2011 graduate; most people have been working professionals for several years.  Classes don't start until next week, but I have been working in my assistantship for a few days.  Work includes meetings with the balloon man, so I can't complain so far.  I have a very early morning tomorrow helping the freshmen (or "visitors," as my boss, Dwayne, calls them) move in, so we'll see how I feel about my job after that!

Post title: "Moving On," by Needtobreathe

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  1. love your new apt- you're all grown up! have fun with dwayne, hope he can live up to your boss at your former institution : )